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Interview with City Underwriter’s Limited New Managing Director, Bob Darling

Interview with City Underwriter’s Limited New Managing Director, Bob Darling

Taking the helm of a company with such a reputation for excellence as CUL is not a task to be taken lightly. With decades of insurance expertise residing within its team, and with ambitious plans for expansion in a hyper-competitive market, the new M.D. of CUL needed to be someone with a demonstrable track record of directional success within the financial services sector. Given the criteria, Bob Darling was the obvious choice. Having spent many years working in banking where he held board-level positions at firms including Close Brothers and Kaupthing Singer Friedlander, Bob moved into insurance with Coversure in 2009 where he is now the managing director. We spoke to Bob recently and asked him about CUL and how he sees its future.

Belated congratulations on becoming CUL’s Managing Director, Bob. How are you finding it so far?

Well, I’ve only been in the job since June but I have to say that CUL is a great company with a terrific future. There are so many opportunities to explore that I’m going to be kept pretty busy, but with such an experienced team in place the sky really is the limit.

What are your first impressions of the business? Has anything stood out so far?

I have been absolutely bowled over by the sheer depth of knowledge in the team. I mean I’ve known CUL by reputation for years and knew that they stood out when it came to knowing the insurance industry, but the level of applied knowledge was a really pleasant surprise. These guys are real business experts who are offering their clients a service that is something special.

Again, it’s early days but what’s your vision for CUL going forward?

In the short time I’ve been here it’s already become abundantly clear that CUL’s specialist services are something that every broker should have in their kit bag. As I mentioned earlier, the team’s insurance knowledge is outstanding and their ability to translate that knowledge into practical, business-boosting solutions for brokers really does set CUL apart. I am determined to grow the business and in so doing allow more brokers to benefit from CUL’s help.

You sound excited, Bob.

I genuinely am. CUL’s combination of expertise and their commitment to offering the very best broker insurance service is a winning combination in my eyes.

You’ve mentioned service a couple of times, Bob. Is that what sets CUL apart?

Yes, and when you’re working in the financial services sector that’s obviously a huge USP. The team always look to go the extra mile for their broker customers, and with their close links to the City and in-depth knowledge of the market they have the ability to provide high quality solutions. I also think it’s important that CUL only deal with the best insurers and refuse to deal with anyone unrated. The turbulence we’ve seen in the past twelve months with unrated insurers going under and the concomitant headaches that has caused so many brokers, makes CUL’s commitment to quality incredibly reassuring to brokers.

Finally, what would you say to any brokers who haven’t used CUL recently?

Try us! If you’re looking for something within our specialist product range – be it unoccupied property insurance, caterers’ insurance, café insurance or commercial combined – talk to us first. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you, Bob, and best of luck in your new role at CUL.